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Thursday, July 9, 2015


Here are three Princess Theatre blog posts I did with, and concerning, James "Dub" Harmon, who was a former manager of both the Princess Theatre and the Mid-town Drive-In.  He did both jobs while also running a successful furniture business in downtown Harriman.

He passed suddenly Wednesday at his home.  His family will receive friends at Riverside Baptist Church on Sunday, 2-5PM.

Dub was full of stories, and with him went an archive of history about our community and, in particular, the Princess and Mid-Town Drive-In theaters.  I tried to capture some of that great wealth of knowledge, but I'm afraid much, much, more went with him.

Click these links for those interviews and photos:

Dub was a great Christian man and never missed an opportunity to prove his love for his family and fellow man.  He was a "very" active member of his church, and they have a big hole to fill.

He will be sorely missed by a multitude of people in the Roane and Morgan County area.

He was a "daddy" to me, and a "Papaw" to my son and granddaughters and we loved him greatly.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Friday, June 5, 2015

Restless Heart Band Coming October 10th!

See RESTLESS HEART Band Live at the Princess Theatre October the 10th. 

Music City Knoxville is very Honored to Bring to you one of the Best Bands to ever Hit any stage anywhere.  Tickets will be On Sale real soon, Restless Heart Live at the Princess Theatre In Harriman Tennessee.  Our Very own Head of Production Guy Ray Skidmore will announce soon when the tickets go on sale Call him and tell him to Get It Done Already (865)368-8813 Text ray and Say I Want Tickets.

Restless Heart lead singer Larry Stewart can remember the exact moment and place his life began to change forever.

I was driving east on I-40 from West Nashville into town to an appointment,” he recalls. “Back then, I was listening to what we were doing in my Jeep Cherokee every day. I had turned the radio on, and ‘Let The Heartache Ride’ was right in the middle of the acapella intro.

Stewart had been living with the song for a while, and hearing it through his car speakers wasn’t that big of a deal – until he looked at the stereo and saw the numbers 97.9. “It didn’t sink in because I had it in the tape deck for days, then I realized ‘That’s the radio. It’s WSIX.’ I pulled over on the shoulder around White Bridge Road and sat there with my car idling. It was like yesterday.

Yesterday’ has come full circle for Restless Heart. Then one of Nashville’s newest acts, the band is celebrating their 30th Anniversary in 2013, and Dave Innis enjoys the musical ride as much as ever.

I think it’s been an amazing legacy, and it’s been such an honor to have been part of an organization that is still together doing it after thirty years with the same five original guys, and it’s more fun than ever.

John Dittrich, Greg Jennings, Paul Gregg, Dave Innis, and Larry Stewart – the men who make up Restless Heart have enjoyed one of the most successful careers in Country Music history, placing over 25 singles on the charts – with six consecutive #1 hits, four of their albums have been certified Gold by the RIAA, and they have won a wide range of awards from many organizations – including the Academy of Country Music’s Top Vocal Group trophy. Those stats aside, Innis feels that their career goes much deeper than that.

In the past few years, we have really started to branch out in the community, particularly our work with the Nashville Rescue Mission. We have hosted an event called Restless Heart & Friends – Music With A Mission that we do at the Schermerhorn Center with the Nashville Symphony. We invite a lot of our friends in the industry across all genres to join us, and all of the money we raise goes to the Nashville Rescue Mission. The other thing that stands out is the tours we have done in support of the men and women of the Armed Forces. We did some tours with the Air Force, going all over the world.

Those audiences have sung along with their record-shattering string of hits, such as “I’ll Still Be Loving You,” “Fast Movin’ Train” and “When She Cries.” Stewart says it’s humbling to know Restless Heart has made an impact. “I’m proud of the fact that we get to hear stories from young artists and musicians that we might have made an impression or inspiring them to come to town – having number one records, and hearing the stories of what they meant to people. To know that you have been a part of something that made a difference, the power of music, the power of a song. To be a part of something that made a mark. However big or small of a mark Restless Heart made, it’s still a mark. To be able to appreciate and feel blessed that we got lucky enough to get together. I feel like it was something that was meant to be.

And, the story is far from over, as Stewart says Restless Heart still has a lot of history to make. “We are still at the top of our game when it comes to singing and playing together. We’ve got some projects we’re working on, and we want to put the Restless Heart brand out to music fans again – to let them know we’re still here and making good music. We’re really looking forward, not trying to rest on our past laurels, we really want to do some new music. We have some fun things we’re considering to celebrate the moment, which we’re trying to put together, and reintroduce ourselves to the world, and take another stab at something.

Restless Heart – Thirty Years and
Those Musical “Wheels” are 
Still Going Strong!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Four And A Half Hours Of Great Blues Music!

The Princess Theatre played host to three great bands Saturday evening, and treated a near sell-out crowd to some awesome rock/blues music!  There were a few seats vacant, but those had reserved signs on them!  Some folks, for whatever reason, bought tickets and couldn't make it, so the balcony was opened for non-reserved ticket holders.
Nonetheless, the audience had a ball listening to each band; most similar in some ways, and distinctively different in others.  It made for a nice ending to a beautiful blue sky day and I think everyone went home happy.

The evening ended with over two solid hours from the Kentucky Headhunters, who stayed way past midnight to sign autographs and pose for fan "selfies"!

The music began promptly at 7:30 with "Otis", a band with a "Zeppelin/Allman" kind of sound.  The "psychedelic/blues" band is from South Central Kentucky is made up of Boone Froggett - Guitar & Vocals, Steve Jewell - Guitar, John Seeley - Bass Guitar, and Andrew Gilpin -Drums.  The group have been together for a little over six years, but sound like they've been together since Muddy Waters retired!

Here are a few of my favorite shots of "OTIS"...remember that'll being hearing from them again soon!

Next up was "JESCO", founded by Greg White, who promotes concerts out of Knoxville through his company "Music City Knoxville".  He has built a strong relationship with the Headhunters and this is the second time he has gotten them to the Princess.  JESCO is also a blues-based band with great guitar, bass, and drum work. 

Here are my picks for JESCO:

Last up, and ending the night with a "rockin' roll" bang were The Kentucky Headhunters!

The Grammy-winning band has its roots in a 1968 band called "Itchy Brother", but the modern "Headhunter" band is releasing a new album June 2nd!  Alligator Records will release "Meet Me In Bluesland", a previously unreleased album with pianist Johnnie Johnson, a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee.

From what I heard Saturday night, fans will be very pleased with the songs on the new album.  Look for Tuesday!

Here are my photo choices from Saturday night at the Princess:

Never again let me hear anyone say, "there is nothing to do in Harriman"...the Princess keeps getting better and better shows.  If your foot don't get to tapping at the Princess concerts, your leg must be dead!

Next up is the GRAND PREES in August, and Greg White says he has a big surprise for us in October, BUT, there will be more coming up between now and then.  Stay up to date on this blog, the official Princess website, or one of our Facebook pages!

See you soon!

Saturday, May 30, 2015

King Henry Throws Out First Pitch!

King Henry VIII threw out the first pitch at the girls softball game this morning, at Flour Mill Flats in Harriman.  The King's entourage cheered on as Mayor Chris Mason​ caught the King's fast pitch barehanded!

The King and his talented court will be at the Tennessee Medieval Faire grounds this Saturday and Sunday.  It's last time to see them until next year!
After the fair, check out The Kentucky Headhunters at the Princess Theatre!

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Tennessee Medieval Faire Has a Damp First Day - Sunday Promises "Fairer" Weather!

Yes, it was a touch damp Saturday, and I spent an hour under a huge cedar tree; snapping away at the jousting knights.  However, it was rewarding and held so much promise for the Sunday show, 2nd day of the Grand Opening, and the future of the faire site in general.

I'm sure Barrie and Lars Paulson were pleased to see so many interested enough to come out and brave the warm spring showers.  Actually, they felt quite good, and those indulging in their favorite libation, under trees and tents, probably didn't even notice.

There was music everywhere, dancing, the inviting smells of food cooking, and the "King and Queen" seemed to be everywhere.

All the friendly actors/characters, and incidentally, the actors are all characters, keeping humor in all the acts, with jokes directed at all age groups.  

The grounds did get a needed watering, and I noticed that there was straw and grass seed scattered about, so, the future will get greener, and more manicured.  

Tomorrow's show promises the "final course" rounds of the jousting match, and the singers, players, puppeteers, dancers, and jesters will all be back to entertain your whole family.

Here are a few (probably too many, but I wanted to give you a sense of the place) of the photos I made.  Yes, in some you can see tiny raindrops, but they failed to dampen anyone's spirit of the "faire"!

See, even the horses had fun!  
Come on out Sunday!

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